Outside In

Outside In is a Content Creation Firm, with a difference and distinction, in the era of Information Overload. We are different in the fact that we aim to cut down the daily content overdose that business leaders are faced with it. We are distinct in the fact that we will create “curated content” with specific objectives, for business leaders who will align with us. We’d read recently on a post by Gaby Goldberg – Curators Are The New Creators. We hope to become these very Content Curators ‘Par Excellence’.

What To Expect: 1) Industry and Market Bytes, 2) Curated Content for Insights and Takeaways, 3) Topical Collaterals Share, 4) Management Counsel, 5) Intelligence Repository

Who We Are

Outside In is a team of content enthusiasts looking to ‘organize, shape and scale’ highly fragmented (and usually solo) efforts by business leaders to synthesize Organizational and Industry Insights that can be used to build and execute a Growth Roadmap

Outside In is a Growth Approach we believe in – Know the grounds all around you and know yourself (Sun Tzu) – and you can shape an appropriate action to it from within

Content Curators Par Excellence is something we would like to be known as – the Right Content, for the Right Purpose, at the Right Time

We would primarily be focused on the Retail and Consumer Industries but we do not promise it. We may experiment with blended Content Pieces that may span Industry as well as Functional Domains

What We Promise

Outside In hopes to imbibe exemplary qualities of these Management Leaders

A. Lucius Fox (Batman Movies): The Honest Advisor

B. Jerry Maguire (The Movie): The Change Agent

C. The Professor (Money Heist): The Planner

D. Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist): The Story Teller

E. Donna Paulsen (Suits): The Leader Whisperer